Monday, July 11, 2005

What I'm Up To...

I haven't posted in roughly two days, mainly because I've been getting on with the '05 Oscar pages. It's quietly creeping up again -- well, 7 months, but the races are just beginning to hot up with a whole host of hopefuls coming in August. So that's why I've decided to get everything right. I think I may have been a bit too divisive in my prediction proccess, but I'm demanding admiration, whether the predics turn out to be good or not.

I've uploaded the Picture, Director, Actor pages, and the Actress & Supp Categories are coming tomorrow. Also gonna write up a couple movies and see a couple. I also have an update on the caffeine front, and it's not promising. I've sinned, but I did have what could prove to be a revelatory moment. I love having moments. They're very brief but can be quite impacting. Often it brings about a lot of self-loathing and pity, but these moments can change your life. Anyway, more about that tomorrow, if I have time.

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