Monday, July 25, 2005

Bring on Number 7

I've finally finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince after nine days! It was incredible, building suspense as always, but this time its final crescendo was deafening -- it really made me feel sick. Almost like an Empire Strikes Back equivalent, dark, sinister, and sets the scene perfectly for the final installment. Extraordinary.

I won't spoil it for you by saying who dies, but I will say that it's not a total surprise. A lot of it is already geared towards this conclusion. The way it's done though is testament to Miss Rowling's wonderful tempo, and riveting commentary. Apparentely, she has already wrote the ending, which I suspect will be the final showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort. So hurry up J.K.! Write the rest! I think there's no doubt that Harry will survive through it all -- put it this way, I'd be shocked if he didn't, especially after this book.

These books have much more imagination than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and if the Harry Potter films had as good a team behind it as the LOTR series, they would be amazing. These books are the height of the fantasy genre and will be for some time to come I'm sure.

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