Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 1 of the Rest of my Life

OK. It's finally happened. Yesterday I gave up caffeine (every cola brand) for good. It's over. Finished. Comprende?

This is what I've been talking about doing for weeks, and now I've done it, opting for juice and still water as replacements for the moment, though I think that I'll eventually cut down the juice as well.

So anyway -- I've completed roughly 36 hours and already I'm getting headaches. Hmm.. not sure it can kick in that quick. Or can it? I can't remember a day before yesterday when I didn't have a glass of coke. I'm missing it so much already, but this will do my body the world of good, so I'm going to persevere.

As I stated in a previous article, coming off the caffeine will be hard, and will provide many withdrawal symptoms. In fact, I think my mood will probably deteriorate rapidly in the next week or so, so I apologise if I become a little inactive with this. I'm going to try and occupy myself with films anyway, having rented 2046 and Kinsey today. I'm also gonna try and get to the cinema sometime next week.

I've started a zero caffeine counter, which you should be able to see on the right hand side of this page. This chronicles the amount of days that I have avoided caffeine, and obviously I'm hoping it's going to continue for a while longer yet, if not forever. But I'm not gonna get too ahead of myself, I'm not the most strong-minded person and I never say never.

In this case, the glass is definitely half-empty as opposed to half-full.

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