Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In the Mood for Love

Been getting in the romantic mood this week, after watching 2046, Wong Kar Wai's follow-up to his raved-about 2000 film, In The Mood for Love. I must say it's oddly brilliant, different to anything I've ever seen before. It's a whole load of emotions, and they're all flowing in sync - absoloutely incredible at times. I urge anyone with a hint of romanticism in their bodies to experience the two films in all their vivid glory. I certainly won't forget it in a hurry. Review coming soon.

The romantic theme continued last night, as I revisited 1995 film Leaving Las Vegas, starring Nicholas Cage and Elisabeth Shue, both of which deserved Oscar Wins in my opinion. Why do people have such a problem against Cage? Sure, he may be a little unorthodox, but he is amazing at times in LLV.

A different kind of romance engulfed me with Hitch though, and its Rom Com mainstream appeal. I really liked this film very much, and one where I was not checking the time. It was over so quick -- that's definitely a good sign. Anyway, you can read a full review of Hitch here - it's the featured review this week. My DVD viewing tonight is My Summer of Love, Bafta-winner for Best British Film, about yet another kind of romance, of the lesbian variety. I'm expecting this to be good, but will post a little more on my thoughts in the next couple days.

The second review I've posted today is of The Machinist, which I saw yesterday. I hadn't been planning to watch it truthfully - a family friend just dropped it by after they'd finished with it. Anyhow, I gave it a whirl, and was disappointed, but at least I know now - and I didn't waste any money on it! Sadly, it hasn't got any romance in (although it could do with a bit of spicing up). It's just boring and pretentious, but you can read the review here. It's located at the top of the main page.

Finally, I thought I'd let you know what should be coming up in the next few days. I'm planning to write up reviews of:
  • 2046
  • The Life Aquatic
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • My Summer of Love
  • Nobody Knows
  • War of the Worlds

Also planning to resume my weekly buzz report complete with the brand-spanking new talkometer, which will also come in helpful in analysis of the '05 Oscar predictions, which will be updated every couple of weeks from now to February.

That's it for now. Take Care.

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