Monday, July 04, 2005

More on Madge

Madge has clearly aged well, like a fine wine, not out of place in a Sideways ensemble maybe? Or maybe not, depending on whether you opened your eyes during Swept Away. Not good. Still, her forte clearly remains elsewhere, and I'm not talking about the world of literature.

I need to talk a bit more about my recent appreciation of the goddess that is Madonna, that included her magnificent set at Live 8. I've always liked Madonna, as I remember getting the video of The Immaculate Collection, which I used to watch over and over again. I also remember getting a cassette of Bedtime Stories when I was a bairn - makes me feel old, which is ridiculous of course.. My older sister is also a big fan, so I've had experiences of her albums in the 90's and most recently her last album American Life.

Anyway. Of late, I've been downloading (illegally shh) some of her older albums like True Blue, Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin - mainly cause of Nick at Cinemarati, saying I should give the old records a whirl. How right he was. I adore True Blue, and can't sit for an hour without having a minute or two of White Heat & Where's the Party blaring out of my speakers. What have I been doing all these years, unbeknownst to this brilliance. In nappies for the most part of the 80's yeah, but still, it's almost sinful.

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How and where did Madonna get to be called MADGE?