Monday, July 11, 2005


I've finally finished updating my '05 Oscar predictions for the big six categories. It was an unnecessarily gruelling process, but it's over now, so I can sit back until September. Once again, The Producers remains my top pick, and the one to beat. The academy will fall head over heels for this like they do every other musical.
Aside from the Oscars, I'll try to write up summore reviews, Hitch, War of the Worlds, and Nobody Knows will be the next to appear. Two of these I liked, one I didn't. Take a guess.
On the caffeine front, there's been a breakthrough. I had a 'moment' yesterday. It was in the midst of a bout of wallowing depression (a symptom of the addiction), and made me just hate myself for being so weak. Anyway, the bottom line is -- I've decided to give up. For real. Not immediately, as I have about 8 or 9 cans still unopened, and I really don't have the heart to throw them away. But when they're gone, that's it. No More. I'm defecting to the world of evian, volvic, vittel, buxton, it's a pure world and ultimately a more happier one, if a little devoid of sugar or flavouring. I apologise if I'm being dramatic, but this a massive thing for me. I don't want to have mood swings, constant irritation, and frequent headaches. OK -- that might be a bit dramatic, but the damn thing is eating me up. I need freshness, vitality, warmth in my life. Not a continuous craving for unhealthy crap. It's going to stop, and it's going to stop now.
Help.. = (


ModFab said...

Not exactly sure about THE PRODUCERS as a winner...especially this early in the game. But I admire your devotion to the theatre!

Cal said...

Why thankyou. I do love musicals, so yeah this is a bit of a personal pick among other motives. But so do the academy - if I'm devoted they're devoted ;-) It's total bait.

On a side note: Thanks for contributing my first comment :)