Friday, July 22, 2005

Foreign Flair

So.. my Top Ten of 2004 is up, yeah six months late, but never mind. I didn’t really wanna just put up a Top 10 and not say why, and I never really got around to writing about them all. Yeah, OK, I kind of forgot for a while. I got this e-mail yesterday anyway from Nathaniel R saying, “where’s your top 10?” so I reflected, and then decided to crack on. So anyway, I’ve put it up, and added some comments about them all.

I’ve also done a couple of reviews. They’re both foreign films, and both are very good. The first (as promised) is 2046; the kind of anti-In the Mood for Love, but it’s all good. That’s the featured review for the time being. The second review is for Japanese drama ‘Nobody Knows’, which I saw about two weeks ago now, but never got around to writing my thoughts on paper. Needless to say, they’re there now for you to look at. I’d like to point out that, although they have the same grade, I did clearly prefer the latter of the two. It’s also featured in my Top 10 of ’04, since it’s been around for a while now.

All features are available to view at The Film Lair (as always), and should be very easy to locate.

More coming tomorrow.. See Ya!

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