Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Recent Viewings

So.. I went back to Blockbuster yesterday ranting and raving. Nah not really, but I did get another copy of Creep. So that's fine - though you'd think they'd know whether their DVD's worked or not. Oh well. The main point is, I saw it, finally. I tried to have a lil re-cap of the whole thing and it kinda worked, well it must have because I actually ended up liking it. You know when you watch a film and you're never really quite sure, but at the end of the last scene everything fits into place. I had one of those moments with Creep. If there wasn't so much gore, I'd say it was a "nice little flick". It's the horror equivalent of that in any case.
It's not a classic mind you, but I did get a little reminiscence of the courageous brilliance that is 28 Days Later. Hey, maybe it takes us Brits to make a horror that's actually horrifying, and not some elaborate mess. Let's face it, not much has come out of Hollywood since the wonderful Scream trilogy. And what has come out of Hollywood has been manufactured from the flourishing Japanese industry. How times have changed.
So the complete lukewarm review of Creep is available here. It does have spoilers, but I've got a warning on there. I just had to write something about the whole outcome, because, ultimately it made my mind up. I've also just updated the site with a review of The Door in the Floor, starring the superb Jeff Bridges. I totally recommend this movie, well, to anyone aged 15 or above, and someone who doesn't mind seeing a pound of flesh here and there. It's not one to watch with your older relatives. Read the review for further information.

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