Saturday, July 16, 2005

Oscar Battles: Part II

The second installment of the supposed biggest Oscar snubs starts today, but before we get into that, let's run through the results of Battle numero uno. It did go the way I anticipated unfortunately, with Blanchett's royal performance beating Gwyneth's fleety one. It was closer than I had anticipated though, with Blanchett winning a 67-33% majority. Oh well -- at least she won some ballot, hehe (had to get that one in).

So here we are, onward we bound, and so on. The next Oscar Battle is from the year of 1994, and the infamous Forrest Gump win, which was fairly unpopular amongst fans of both its closest competitors. This usually pops up frequently, in the case of both Pulp and Shawshank fans, who each feel their film was robbed. But which one was? If any of course. Gump has its fans too. Anyway, this triple threat Best Picture delight is the next Oscar battle, and will so be replaced on Saturday. You have a week of voting to be getting on with.

Let the battle commence!

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