Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorism Reaches London

No sooner had the celebrations for the Olympic Games in 2012 set alight, than they were firmly extinguished by the terror attacks in London at around 9am this morning. Seems there were four explosions, three of them on the trains, one on a bus. I'm not gonna go on about terrorists because there's no point -- we all know that they are not right in the head.

While it is obviously a shock to wake up with 'Breaking News: London Bombs" at the bottom of the screen, I am really not surprised that such an event has occurred. It was our turn. It could probably have been much worse, especially when you look at what happened in New York and Madrid.

Naturally I give my utmost condolences to the friends and family of those seriously injured and killed. We are all thinking about the innocent victims of this sick attack.

On a personal note - I have no relatives or friends living or working in Central London, which is a personal relief to me. Being in the North East, it is less of a target, and in that way us Northerners are blessed.

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