Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Olympic Success

Woohoo! London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, announced today at a little before 1pm BST. I'm not a Londoner but this means we get British coverage, no time delay, and lots of new stuff for the capital. Even though I live in the North, the games will be in like 7 years, when I will be umm -- abacus -- 25 years of age. Scary huh? Not as scary as the looks on the faces of the French when their Paris bid was beaten by just FOUR votes. Gutted. We're lucky France is pretty pacifist, or just in love with itself. One or the other, but that's another matter.

Is it just me or are European 'high-up' officials just naturally scary? Jacques Chirac could suck the fun out of a room full of clowns, not that clowns are fun - in fact - they're pretty damn scary themselves. Another frightening guy is London team leader 'Lord' Coe, who reminds me of an evil little goblin. Plus he's a conservative. Plus I don't like people with titles. Still, he's probably bought us the god damn thing, so congrats to him.

Anyway, contrary to everything I've said so far - the London 2012 Olympic Games promises to be very interesting, and hopefully will stir a few of our British sporting hopefuls into life, and *fingers crossed* bring us to the TOP of the medals table. OK, I may be a little ahead of myself, but I love sport, and I love it when Britain win stuff. I'm patriotic - so shoot me.

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