Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Mood for a Catchup?

While it's true that I've been very quiet on the writing front (I hope to remedy this soon!) my podcast with Pete Sheppard of In the Mood for Blog is still up and running. 

Here are links to the twelve episodes we have recorded so far:

Episode 1: In Search of Structure [Prometheus/The Avengers/Dark Shadows]
Episode 2: Why So Serious? [Django Unchained/The Pact/Snow White]
Episode 3: Listen To Your Prostate [Cosmopolis/Rock Of Ages/Red Lights]
Episode 4: The Female of the Species [Anna Karenina; Lay the Favourite; Five Year Engagement]
Episode 5: The Moral Spectrum [Amazing Spider-Man; Killer Joe; Friends with Kids]
Episode 6: We All Want Glory [The Hunter; Best Exotic Marigold; God Bless America]
Episode 7: Injecting the Payload [Magic Mike; Seeking a Friend; Ice Age]
Episode 8: Fifty Shades of Hype [The Dark Knight Rises; The Lorax; Chris Nolan Retrospective]
Episode 9: Rants of a Summer Night [Olympics; Bergman; Antonioni]
Episode 10: Intolerance [Ted; Skyfall; Flowers of War]
Episode 11: Courage Of Conviction [Brave; 360; Truth or Dare]
Episode 12: Testosterone and Triangles [Bourne Legacy; Expendables; Take This Waltz]

If you don't fancy delving into an 80-90 minute recording, why not try listening to one of the three trailers we have up?