Monday, July 04, 2005

So I decided to create a blog...

Why not? Everybody else has.

I constantly feel an urge to express my inner thoughts and occasionally go on a bit of a rant, which I rather enjoy as I haven't got a particularly explosive character (understatement of the new millenium). In fact, I can already forsee that I'm going to enjoy this... yes I'm happy.

I'm also pretty forgetful in the short-term. I do tend to ponder from time to time about meaningless and trivial issues, and soon disregard the whole thing, but it's better to display this tripe. I need a legacy, even if I do look back and think "what the hell were you doing?", it'll still have been worthwhile. At least I hope so.

It's called 'Ultimate Addict' for two main reasons:

The first is that I wanted the name to roll off the tongue. Too many titles are boring and unoriginal these days, like American Pie, American Psycho, Grease 2 (I mean what happened to "greasier" - it's certainly a more appropriate title) just to name but a sliver of the corporate cake. Plus I wanted to be clever, yes, titles are everything these days, people judge a book by its cover, not by its opening monologue. I don't long to be noticed, but I wouldn't mind some attention.

The second is that I can get a little obsessive about things for weeks/months at a time. I'm hardly commital (if that's a word), but I feel committed to The Film Lair. Maybe I've found a place I like - glued to a chair somewhere lol, seriously though, this could be the start of something (Flashback to Casblanca). I'm also quite compulsive (anyone see a pattern here? lol) - I don't ?think? I'm going down the Howard Hughes Route, at least I hope not anyway! I just like my things, like everyone does I s'pose, when I get engrossed, I find it difficult to let go.

I'm addicted to film. I have no problem about stating this. I adore it. Slightly more worryingly, I have an addiction to caffeine which borders on insanity (I drink numerous cans of coca cola a day). Yes, coke, and not coffee (which I detest), so it's killing my teeth as well as having re-percussions on my mood. When it rains it pours. I've become a sharing person. I'd like to point out that I am fairly considerate anyway, but this is new territory for me. It's a milestone.

Feel free to comment.

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