Monday, February 04, 2008

Tangled Up: Linkage

Call The Shots... Film Experience hosts this year's Oscar Symposium joined by cool special guests.

Close To Love... It's easy to be when Crumb By Crumb poses the ultimate question, Who's Hotter: Dean or Bana?

Sexy! No No No... Really.. No! ModFab sees two former shags on a tacky lifestyle show. Hilarious.

Girl Overboard... All About My Movies doesn't like Lust, Caution's sex scenes?! Personally, I was foaming at the mouth.

Can't Speak French... And The Winner Is... hopes Oscar are talking Marion Cotillard's language come Oscar night.

Black Jacks... Boy on Film pays homage to La Dahlia Noir's interesting femme fatale, Hilary Swank.

Control Of The Knife... The Cellar Door wants to know just who Zac Efron would like in possession of his penetrative weapon.

Fling... In The Mood For Blog's fanboyish tendencies towards Liv Ullman have hit newfound heights.

What You Crying For?... Goatdog lists six legitimate reasons.

I'm Falling... In love with next year's exciting (at least on paper) Actress race, detailed by The Glorious Diatribe.

Damn... Cary Grant never got that Oscar. And didn't even get nominated for Arsenic and Old Lace, my favourite comedic performance of all time. Edward Copeland On Film has received similar complaints.

Crocodile Tears... Strange Culture isn't happy with 80's cinema, or at least of the non-quirky variety. I say Clue and the music scene gave the decade enough genius.

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