Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Linkage: An Oscar Special

All About My Movies so wants Casey Affleck to walk away with the Supporting Actor prize on Sunday -- despite the blatant category fraud.

And The Winner Is... asks "What if...?" about Oscar's apparent outsiders.

Goatdog makes the case for Juno winning Best Picture. More from me on this later in the week.

In Contention thinks No Country already has it won.

ModFab has the Live Action Short rundown. We speculate for months on end and yet it still manages to catch you out that there are simply SO many categories and factors still to consider.

StinkyLulu becomes one of Amy Ryan's countless admirers. Wish I could chip in. Gone Baby Gone remains unreleased here in Britain.

Strange Culture chronicles the year's twists and turns. Everything changes so quickly in an Oscar race.

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