Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brit Awards: Winners & Reaction


British Male - Mark Ronson
British Female - Kate Nash
British Group - Arctic Monkeys
British Album - Arctic Monkeys, "Favourite Worst Nightmare"
British Breakthrough Act - Mika
British Live Act - Take That
British Single - Take That, "Shine"
International Male - Kanye West
International Female - Kylie Minogue
International Group - Foo Fighters
International Album - Foo Fighters, "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace"

Prediction Score: 2/11 (Terrible!)
So much for atoning for last year's sorry prediction score. Even worse this year.


Things We Learned: Leona Lewis is not as loved as you'd think... The Arctic Monkey's are still the 'in' band... Amy Winehouse has a long road to recovery ahead... and Paul McCartney is nowhere near past it. Heather who? Classic.

Best Victory - Kate Nash...None of my favourites in any category took home a Brit but Kate was the closest. She has an original sound that I very much enjoy.

Best Speech - Kate Nash... Honest, gracious, and major bonus points for the line, "Let's eradicate the notion that 'female' is a genre".

Best Performance - Leona Lewis... If there's a more accomplished voice in music right now I haven't heard it.

Best Presentation of an Award - Everyone! One thing I love about being British is that it's more of a stigma if you don't get drunk at a party than if you do. Have you ever seen a drunker collection of presenters and recipients? Hilarious!

Worst Victory - Foo Fighters (Who I quite like) winning International Album ahead of Arcade Fire's stunning 'Neon Bible'.

Worst Speech - Kanye West. Confident is one thing, obnoxious another.

Worst Performance - Mika. Seriously screeeechy! Tone it down!

Worst Presentation of an Award - Chris Moyles. About as funny as cancer.

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