Monday, January 28, 2008

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is To Link, and Be Linked In Return

On my vague memorised list of blogging New Year's resolutions (the non-blogging ones were less interesting and far too focused on drinking and spending less - boo!) was that I simply must link more. There are so many witty and insightful posts on witty, insightful blogs that both entertain me and motivate me to write more. So it's time I appreciate that. I'm gonna lengthen my list of favourite blogs (on the sidebar) too, because I'm discovering new blogging troves of goodness on a regular basis. ModFab, the cultural haven, points out in an unabashedly rousing post, that nobody links to his blog -- a crime of which I am an offender -- and thus proceeds to unite the blogosphere in an almost Mahatma Gandhi/Martin Luther King-esque fashion (Yes, I just did). Well, it worked, although I'd like to stress that this is one of my resolutions, so I was gonna do this anyway! :-P I'm not so easily influenced, although I could be persuaded by Romulo Arantes Neto (third times always a charm ModFab). I'd happily kidnap this guy, except that that's kind of a role reversal for me... perhaps I could bribe him to kidnap me?

Another of my favourite bloggers, and my ultimate favourite film critic, is Nick Davis. His site NicksFlickPicks just celebrated its 10th anniversary. A major milestone. I surf his site regularly, whether it's to read one of his countless, mind-numbing, and incredibly deep reviews, or to search out a grade for some random 1956 film I've just seen. I was dying to know his thoughts on Come Back, Little Sheba, a film I absoloutely loved. He didn't have a grade up for it, so I e-mailed him and he promptly responded with his thoughts. He's not keen on the film actually but that isn't the point. Haha. A classy, lovely guy. And SO cute.

Also, I simply must single out Nathaniel, who, had I not stumbled upon his brilliant site The Film Experience, back when I was searching out Oscar commentary on 2003's Cold Mountain snub, and way before I even knew about critics awards and precursors, I wouldn't know any of the other bloggers mentioned in this post, and probably wouldn't even have a blog. His podcast with Marisa Tomei endears the pair of them to me, and the SAG dicussion afterwards is great. I don't really have any Oscar obsessives to chat with here in North-East England (cue the violins), and it's kind of comforting to listen to people discuss awards in the way that you see them write about them. If you know what I mean.

So here come a flurry of links that will transport you to a host of beautiful and intelligent people scattered all around the globe...

All About My Movies: Distresses me with her weird infatuation with Peter Crouch, though I do admire your dedication to the sport Emma.

Canadian Ken On...: Actually liked Elizabeth: The Golden Age?! The first person I've seen admit to doing so. Ballsy.

The Cellar Door: Clearly loves this year in film. No quabble with the SAG results and none of Oscar's BP lineup scores lower than an A- grade.

Cutting Room Reviews : Completely trods all over Little Children (pun unintentional) with his brilliant review. I know that's SO last year, but it's the thing I remember most about this neat blog.

The Gilded Moose: Hilariously offensive about John McCains wife. Harsh but he is a republican.

The Glorious Diatribe: Has an in-depth look at next year's possible Supporting Actor candidates. It never ends, does it?

Goatdogblog: Can't begrudge proclaiming 300 as the year's pinnacle in Visual Effects. I feel the same way, however much its aesthetic obsession repelled me.

In The Mood For Blog: Didn't like 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days! Anything to be different.

Joe's Movie Corner: Incorrectly predicted that Cate Blanchett would win the SAG. But then that's no crime. The crime here is who actually did win it (sorry, I did warn of Dee-dissing this month -- I don't care how legendary she is).

Low Resolution: LOVES Anna Faris. And why shouldn't he? Is there anyone better at playing the bimbo?

Mainly Movies: Reminds me how good Sam Rockwell was in Jesse James, with his sixth-place Supporting Actors. One of them is totally making my five (wait till the end of February).

Pink Is The New Blog: Manages to capture Kylie looking fabulous and Mika looking awful. Way to go.

Queering The Apparatus: Finds himself puzzled about some of the Oscar nominations (aren't we all?) and also has a cute boyfriend. I officially hate him.

Rural Juror: Is a bloggie nominee! Awards, Awards, Awards, Awards, Awards. Congrats!

Stale Popcorn: Owes me an apology for depressingly bringing up one of the biggest Oscar injustices ever, the 2003 Supporting Actress gong (and I even like Cold Mountain (which I'm now gonna have to add to the labels seen as I've mentioned it twice already in this post) .. maybe time for a repeat viewing?)

StinkyLulu: Has a wonderful write-up of Atonement's sole nominated Actor, Saoirse Ronan. And thanks again Bri for letting me take part in a Supporting Actress Smackdown. Was great fun!

Strange Culture: Was in the same room as Daniel Day-Lewis. Jealousy is a vast understatement.

Victim of the Time: Makes me ashamed for having not seen Sense and Sensibility, and seems to agree with me about The Kite Runner, a review of which I'll post tomorrow. Hint: It's awful.

O.K. I think that's it. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If there's anyone I haven't mentioned that links to this blog I'd be more than happy to exercise some more linkage. I'll be adding all these to the sidebar and making a point of linking more often. Signing out...


ModFab said...

I guess I wasn't cool enough to make the list. ;-(

ModFab said...

Just kidding. :-) Thanks for linking all of these great blogs, including ModFab. A marvelous list!

Cal said...

Hahaha. No problem ;-)

Just running out the door to see Sweeney Todd and In The Valley of Elah. Double dose of Best Actor goodness on the way! Woohoo!


DL said...

This is so something I need to start doing as well. And considering that all I do on the internet is read these fabulous blogs over and over again, I don't really comment that often either. Well, there's two things I should add to my never-ending to-do list.

Anyway, thanks for the linkage! :P

(And more importantly, I get my own friggin' label! Sa-weet!)

Yaseen Ali said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Calum! That's very kind. I'm looking forward to catching up on all your posts (from the looks of my blog, it's obvious that I haven't been around for a while.)