Thursday, January 17, 2008

Final Predictions: Animated, Documentary & Foreign

Animated Feature

The Simpsons Movie

Reasoning: These seem to be the only three with enough fans. Bee Movie may have some but The Simpsons are part of America's iconography really, and thus will surely be included.

Documentary Feature

In The Shadow of the Moon
Into Great Silence
No End in Sight
Taxi to the Dark Side

Reasoning: No End In Sight seems to be the most popular critical choice. Is it possible to ignore Michael Moore? And the other three are the only ones eligible that I could find mentioned in any critics nominations this year.

Foreign Language Film

12 (Russia)
The Counterfeiters (Austria)
Days of Darkness (Canada)
Katyn (Poland)
The Trap (Serbia)

Reasoning: Anything involving war, repression, and/or somebody AMPAS may have vaguely heard of has to be at an advantage.

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