Friday, December 07, 2007

Merry Christmas! We're All Gonna Die!

So it's not like me to get behind silly novelty christmas song campaigns, but this one is truly deserving of attention. As much as I can't help but be hooked by The X Factor, and as much as I'm sure the winner will be the virgin virtuoso Rhydian Roberts, I don't want him to be christmas number one. The song the winner sings is a cover of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's syrupy, sentimental When You Believe, which is just plain wrong. I didn't even like it when Mariah and Whitney did it, never mind some reality show champion.

This brings me to the clip below, which is of Malcolm Middleton's indie track, We're All Gonna Die, which has been the subject of a mass campaign to get it into the christmas number one spot this year. It's bleak, completely unfestive, but an absoloutely cracking tune, that would be a big "fuck you" to the commercial ventures of Simon Cowell and co... Plus it would mean we actually get a good tune at the top this year.

If you like it, join the
facebook group and download the track from Itunes when the time comes.

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