Sunday, August 21, 2005

Whatever Happened To...

And welcome to a brand-spanking new feature, asking "What the hell happened?" about some of film's most promising starlets at one time or another. Without further ado:

#1 : Julia Stiles

One of the most promising young actresses in 2001 was Julia Stiles. Having gained an MTV Breakthrough Award and an award from the Chicago Film Critics Association for her brilliant performance in Ten Things I Hate About You in 1999, Julia was billed as one for the future.

Let's talk about her showing in '10 Things', which, in my opinion was more than worthy of an Oscar nomination. Of course, not as good as frontrunners Swank and Bening, but a deliciously dry performance that made the film for me. It's good to know that Chicago appreciated her excellence, but where were the other accolades? Anyway, regardless, this was more than enough to excite.

Also gaining a couple of awards for her part of the 'State and Main' ensemble in 2000, and moving on to 'Save The Last Dance' in 2001, which received mixed reviews, but general consensus that Stiles was the best part of it. So one would say that she maintained her height of promise by 2001, but since then, things have gone a little ary: A bit part in the Bourne films, the mainstream 'A Guy Thing', and the meh 'Mona Lisa Smile' part of her recent resume.

Julia is unbelievably still only 24, can she make a comeback?

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