Monday, August 22, 2005

Craving Life

So it's been a boring boring day. There seems to be too many of those nothing days lately, like I'm wasting my life or something. Lifeless even. I'm getting that Garden State feeling (which can't be good) where I wanna stand on top of a big truck thing and yell into the emptiness of the world. I won't reflect too much on the glorious Garden State but I will say that I just bought it on DVD. Perhaps time for a repeat viewing, hmm.. maybe. I also bought Sideways, or should I say, stole Sideways for a meager £5.99 from Blah , and Phantom of the Opera (don't laugh), which I really enjoyed. I think the people who haven't seen it on stage, which includes me, probably like this better. But until I see it on stage, I'll continue to be a fan of Schumacher's adaptation.

I've lost all faith in cinema after seeing Sahara earlier, and believe me, I wasn't expecting it to be good. But I certaintly wasn't expecting it to be that bad. What a pile of crap. So I have Maria, Full Of Grace to finally watch or the tiny Aussie flick Somersault. What to choose. Decisions, decisions. When I go to Blockbuster, I always try and mix it up a little. I don't want to full-on drama, so I try and pick one tame pic (Sahara), one full-on pick (Maria), and one unknown quantity (Somersault). Unless of course there's a couple I just can't resist, which does frequently happen.

I think I'll write a couple of reviews tomorrow and give an update thing before I go to the evening's football match -- Sunderland A.F.C. if you're interested. Bottom of the league after two games but one can only hope.

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