Friday, August 26, 2005

Hollywood's Most Promising..

"Another feature?" I hear you say. Yes. Indeed. But rest assured, I haven't forgotten about Most Snubbed.. and Whatever Happened To.. there'll be additions to those groups in the next day or two. So anyway, I want to make clear who I think will turn out to be the cream of the crop in Hollywood terms. There are lots of young 'uns promising to be the 'next big thing', but which will make it? I'll give you my view:

Hollywood's Most Promising #1: Natalie Portman

Perhaps a little predictable. My adoration of Portman is clear from my reviews of Closer and Garden State, which I think are the two best supporting performances of the year. I'll tell you a little bit more about why I think she has a future.

Looking at the photo (on the right) just makes me smile straight away, thus the vibrance and warmth she gives to the character of Sam in Garden State. Now I loved Garden State, and she's probably the main reason why. She brings out elements of me that made me think when watching the film, and instills elements of her own personality, while never once going over-the-top. It's incredible how she makes the character appear totally unique to any other character in any other movie, yet be so refreshingly inviting. Never mind Braff, anyone would open up to her if given the chance, it's the face, the innocent but know-it-all free spirit that made me melt at her feet.

Her performance in Closer works to similar effect, revealing her as a beacon of talent, an alluring seductress, and most of all, an immovable presence. While watching Closer, there wasn't a lot to like, in fact, there wasn't anything to like apart from Portman's tearaway/victim character complex that she conquers so utterly brilliantly. You have to see the film to understand the magic behind it, and the famous slow-motion pace up the street that defines her lack of commitment and ultimately fleeting visit that is the only thing worth caring about.

A good supporting performance (better than Renee Zelwegger's) in Cold Mountain also showed off her ability as a dramatic actress, adding background to the character that could have easily been lost, and altogether, Portman is an insanely talented young actress who I'm sure will be around for decades to come.
More Promising Newcomers to Arrive Soon.

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