Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Decoding Da Vinci

When it comes to fashion, I am not someone you would turn to. I don't incessantly monitor the latest trends. I don't find myself craving something that's 'in', or repelling against something that is 'out'. I guess I'm just very unperturbed by the whole thing. I do have my exceptions though (doesn't everyone?), when the buzz is great I'm inclined to go with the flow so to speak. If there's something people are talking about, I find myself regularly wanting to know why.

So here we are, and Dan Brown's raved-about novel The Da Vinci Code, which I obtained a copy of last Saturday. Almost everyone in my immediate family has read this and really liked it, so I'm giving it a go. I do like a good mystery, usually the whodunit mystery is my favourite. I adore Agatha Christie. Still, halfway into the book I find myself relatively gripped by the prospect of 'the holy grail'. I won't give any of the plot away, but I do really like Brown's style of writing, and the way he moves the narrative forward. It's very very descriptive but, despite being a little superfluous, manages to create a great sense of atmosphere and setting. I'm also contemplating the vast amount of research that must have gone into writing a book of this historical accuracy and detail. Indeed, it almost feels like a history lesson, or a parisian tour, one I can't let go of. It's quite addictive. Not to the point of Harry Potter, but I've been with him for six whole novels, we have a bond. Still -- I'm finding that Da Vinci is a worthy successor.

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