Thursday, August 11, 2005

'Lost' For Words

So.. ABC's second top show (after Desperate Housewives), Lost, debuted on Channel 4 tonight. The first two episodes of the show, which regularly claims 20 million viewers in the U.S, were sandwiched either side of the special midweek Big Brother eviction. This probably means it will get excellent ratings for C4, maybe 5 or 6 million if Desperate Housewives is anything to go by.

As for the show itself, I was unsure about the first fifteen, but loved it as it went on. Just like Housewives, everybody seems to have a secret, secrets that will be incrementally revealed as it goes along. Wonderful. Just hope it can carry the drama all the way through, I'm already craving the next edition.

Fully deserved of its 12 emmy nominations.
FYC: Lost for Best Drama!

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