Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh How I'll Miss The Nominations After Tomorrow

You have to wonder whether members of awards bodies have time at Christmas and New Year to do anything else but tick boxes? Yet more nominations have been disclosed, by the BRITS (British equivalent of the Grammys) and the Razzies, which are usually quite fun.


Girls Aloud, Kings of Leon, M.I.A, MGMT and Beck = Gorgeous

Coldplay, Katy Perry, Radiohead (sorry Thom but In Rainbows wasn't amazing), and Scouting For Girls = Wrong


The Happening, The Hottie and the Nottie, Jessica Alba = Right On

Verne Troyer = Not On. Don't pick on anyone smaller than you.


J.D. said...

MGMTTTTTTT. omfg. love love love.

tim r said...

Hey Cal (I promise not to call you Carl again accidentally: sorry!). I'm intrigued -- does the question mark next to Slumdog mean you haven't seen it, or just didn't know what to make of it? I can understand the latter reaction, as someone completely baffled by the ever-ballooning hype...

Cal said...

I did notice the Carl thing but I let it slide. Lol.

The question mark next to Slumdog means I haven't yet seen it. There's also one next to The Wrestler. I put them there as a reminder that I need to see them soon. If I have time after the nominations/reaction tomorrow I could fit them both in... otherwise just one.

And yeah, the Slumdog hype is very off-putting. Especially since most of the critics that I trust (including yourself) are less than enthralled with it. I just really wish that we could see these films before the critics and awards bodies rally behind them, because otherwise it's difficult to go into it with an open mind.