Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Special: Romantic Comedies

Hello lovers,

I've decided to do a special Valentines Day ode to the often cute and often shamelessly manufactured Rom Com genre. As horrifically tacky, and mercilessly sweet as Valentines Day truly is, occasions such as this do tend to make life a little less dull -- even if you're in love and still single (as I am -- What can I say? I'm fucked up. I'm sure there's plenty others). So whether it's Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson swapping glasses, Meg Ryan imitating an orgasm, or Reese Witherspoon haunting Mark Ruffalo in the shower, let's salute the Best and the Worst of, probably, the most produced genre out there.

Worst 5 Romantic Comedies

4. Notting Hill
3. A Good Year
2. The Sweetest Thing
1. Return To Me

Best Romantic Comedies

Ten Things I Hate About You
4. When Harry Met Sally
3. Some Like It Hot
2. Bringing Up Baby
1. Annie Hall

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