Sunday, February 18, 2007

Oscars 2006: Director


Clint Eastwood - Letters From Iwo Jima
Stephen Frears - The Queen
Paul Greengrass - United 93
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu - Babel
Martin Scorsese - The Departed

Who should win?
A very good lineup actually. So good in fact that it's difficult to decide which I found better. It's between two. The ever-masterful Martin Scorsese, whose buzzing, exciting direction of The Departed made it an exhilarating experience, and a very easy watch. And Paul Greengrass, who probably has the more difficult job of filming in such an enclosed environment for long periods of the film. The effect of his direction on the film cannot be underestimated. Either of these I would be happy with winning.

Who will win?
As much as The Departed seems to be increasingly losing popularity I cannot see the oscar going anybody but Marty's way this time around. I don't actually think he has deserved to win most of his nominated directorial feats, but surely it's time now. He's such a nice guy. They're almost obliged to give him it this year. The only possible shock would be a win for Paul Greengrass, who grabbed the BAFTA and could get the DGA (you never know). But as much as Greengrass may have conceivably gained more #1 ballot placings for his docudrama, when everybody goes to vote, it will be difficult to look past Scorsese's name, knowing that he's lost here five times already.

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