Friday, February 16, 2007

Brit Awards: Winners & Reaction

2007 Brit Award Winners:

British Male Solo Artist - James Morrison
British Female Solo Artist -
Amy Winehouse
British Group -
Arctic Monkeys
MasterCard British Album - Arctic Monkeys, “Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not”
British Single - Take That, “Patience”
British Breakthrough Act - Fratellis
British Live Act - Muse
International Male Solo Artist - Justin Timberlake
International Female Solo Artist - Nelly Furtado
International Group - The Killers
International Album - The Killers, “Sam’s Town”
International Breakthrough Act - Orson

Prediction Accuracy: 5/12 (42%) -- eeek!


Well I generally can't complain about most of the wins. My score was typically rather embarassing. I can never really guage the way things are going to go. The Oscars are much easier, which is clearly a bad thing, if the last few years are anything to go by. But never mind that! Music!

I'm absoloutely thrilled that The Killers walked away with two deserved awards, same goes for Arctic Monkeys. Although James Morrison and Amy Winehouse were both my second choices for their respective awards, this could have been much worse. I find it difficult to accept that Lily Allen didn't deserve anything from this (her categories were hardly loaded with superstars), but she isn't a very likeable person, and neither is her father, truth be told.

Russell Brand is officially God. Definitely the best presenting job I've seen at the Brits (that's not saying much I know). His digs at Robbie Williams may have gained a wry smile from the rehabilitating pop star -- 'may' being the operative word in that sentence. Take That resisted mentioning him though, as they collected their Best Single prize for "Patience". Deserved, if not quite up to Razorlight's "America". Question: What on earth were The Feeling doing in the single shortlist? I liked their first song, but the other three piss me off. Especially that one.

I can't pretend to be thrilled about either wins for Muse (dull), or The Fratellis (great band, but probably 3rd most deserving -- this IS a breakthrough category after all), or Nelly Furtado (although 'Maneater' and 'Promiscuous Girl' were great she seems to have abandoned the folk roots that made her so different and appealing). But these do not compare to the awards for Justin Timberlake and Orson. The former did not surprise me, the latter dumbfounded me. I know JT had 'SexyBack' this year, but is one song representative of this award? 90% of the people I know own a Jack Johnson album. And Orson. My god. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. I know this is a Breakthrough prize, but if groups like Girls Aloud and McFly, that produce great music in frowned-upon genres can gain no nominations, and clownish wannabes that churn out average music in an ascending genre can win, then it makes me wonder if Punk Rock is the new crack. The Brits have been addicted to this for the past few years.

That's all


Anonymous said...

Right, where do i start??

First of all, ORSON are a fantastic band who deserve credit for the brit award they received!!!! They are a hard working band who unlike a few other bands which i won't mention haven't had it handed to them on a plate through reality tv shows etc........

Scraping the barrel....I think this site was scraping the barrel when it decided to show your review!!!!

Dumbfounded, you'll be dumbfounded when I stick my boot up your arse.

Clownish wannabe's???

If u haven't got anything constructive to say, i suggest you keep your opininons to yourself and leave Orson well alone......

You don't know the power of the Orsonites, whether you like it or not, Orson are here to stay and we as fans will make sure of it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Orson desrved that award, if u can't see that then I'll give u a liitle pointer.

Don't give up your day job and act like you know good music or a great band when you see one cos you obviously have bad taste and you should crawl back under the stone you came from!!!!!!

Cal said...


Firstly, this is my own blog and opinion, to set that straight.

Perhaps I was harsh with the term "clownish wannabes" but there are so many bands like Orson around who seem to produce such average, unaffecting, unchallenging "rock" tunes.

Just my view guys :P

Anonymous said...

First of all u weren't just harsh with the clownish wannabes it was the whole thing you said about orson.

They are a band who have worked very hard to be where they are now!!!

They adore their fans and don't take anything for granted!! They are very down to earth guys and deserve every success, I wouldn't say they produce average, Unaffecting, unchallenging "rock" tunes either.......

They have had massive success and all off their own back.

You say about 2 certain bands producing great songs...

1, They have been given a helping hand by T.V programmes or other bands,

2, The first group u mentioned, mostly do cover songs, The second write some of their own songs but have been known to do cover versions.

Orson write all their own great songs and they deserve the recognition and success for doing so.

And to be honest with you, I don't even know why I'm worried about a small minded person's views anyway...

And that is my opinion. :p

Cal said...

Girls Aloud may not write their own songs and do some covers, but they do know what they represent. As long as they're continually pushing and improving the state of the pop genre, it doesn't matter whether they write their own songs or not. I'd take great pop above mediocre rock any day of the week. It's no good writing your own songs if they're not going to instill, or contribute anything, which I don't think Orson's songs do. As I said, it's just an opinion on their music. You obviously like them, but from what I've heard, I'm less than impressed.

Anonymous said...

Wannabes? HA Jason (singer) played Judas on fucking Broadway for Christ's sake. But, you know what... regardless of how sweet they are, and the fact that they worked their asses off for YEARS with NO attention, then made that record in a little room in a house for NO money, they won. That means a lot of people voted for them over other accomplished artists... YOU LOSE! The song was a huge hit... what have YOU done?