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The Brit Awards 2006 - Predictions

So, the Brit Awards are upon us, and the exciting thing.. they're LIVE this year. The even more exciting thing? Russell Brand is hosting. Talk aplenty about dinkles and Hare Krishna? Let's hope so.

British Male Solo Artist

James Morrison
Jarvis Cocker

Paolo Nutini
Thom Yorke

Who deserves to win? In rather a weak category (I'm not a fan of Cocker, Lemar, or Nutini) Thom Yorke is way the best. And if there was a God in this world, perhaps he might take it. But there isn't, and he won't.

Who will win? Because that honour will be bestowed upon either James Morrison, whose other nominations suggest he's a big favourite with the voting panel, or Lemar, who despite churning out very little, has won this prize before. I'm going to give them some credit and predict a James Morrison victory.

British Female Solo Artist

Amy Winehouse
Corinne Bailey Rae
Lily Allen
Nerina Pallot

Who deserves to win? Lily Allen. She's proved time and time again this year that she's a class act. Three great singles, an excellent live lounge session, and a brilliant album. Amy also has two great songs, but I fancy they'll be remembered far less than Allen's somewhat outlandish material.

Who will win? Probably Corinne Bailey Rae. As popular as Lily is, her arrogance is well-documented. Her refusal to seriously acknowledge the Brits (she may not even turn up) means they'll likely go with the likeable Rae, whose music is soulful, if not perhaps very daring.

British Group

Arctic Monkeys

Snow Patrol

Who deserves to win? The Arctic Monkeys, by about ten lengths.

Who will win? The Arctic Monkeys, by about four lengths, from Razorlight.

British Album

Amy Winehouse - "Back to Black"
Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m Not"
Lily Allen - "Alright, Still"
Muse - "Black Holes & Revelations"
Snow Patrol - "Eyes Open"

Who deserves to win? Arctics. Allen's album is top drawer but for its showstopping headlong dives into social and cultural identity, the Monkeys reign supreme.

Who will win? The Monkeys. It's the fast selling British debut Rock album. It's a given.

British Single

Corinne Bailey Rae - "Put your records on"
The Feeling - "Fill my little world"
James Morrison - "You give me something"
Kooks - "She moves in her own way"
Leona Lewis - "A moment like this"
Lily Allen - "Smile"
Razorlight - "America"
Sandi Thom - "I wish I was a punk rocker"
Snow Patrol - "Chasing cars"
Take That - "Patience"
Will Young - "All time love"

Who deserves to win? Take That, Lily Allen, and especially the fluctuating output of Razorlight, the highlight of which is their fantastic track, 'America'.

Who will win? Take That. Having had just one single, this is the only category they could have realistically placed in, and they did. Their comeback will be sealed with this win.

British Breakthrough Act

Corinne Bailey Rae
James Morrison
Lily Allen

Who deserves to win? Lily Allen. From daddy's girl to fierce girl.

Who will win? Hmm.. James, Lily, James, Lily, James, Lily, James (has anyone else noticed these are the forenames of Harry Potter's parents? What a strange thought).. fuck it. Lily Allen.

British Live Act

George Michael

Robbie Williams

Who deserves to win? I couldn't care less.
Who will win? Well if Robbie Williams is as unpopular as his single nomination suggests, Muse have this sewn up.

International Male Solo Artist
Bob Dylan
Damien Rice
Jack Johnson
Justin Timberlake

Who deserves to win? Jack Johnson! Can somebody please give this guy some major recognition? He made a classy, classy album.

Who will win? Timberlake's SexyBack was great, but is that song alone enough to beat JJ's two-year long momentum and impressive album sales? I hope not. Jack Johnson.

International Female Solo Artist

Cat Power
Christina Aguilera
Nelly Furtado

Who deserves to win? Who is Cat Power? It's Valentines, so I have to pick P!nk (shut up, I would have picked her anyway).

Who will win? Nelly Furtado's two major successful singles this year could be enough to top RnB diva Beyonce, but being a bigger media star always helps. Beyonce by a hair.

International Group

Flaming Lips
Gnarls Barkley
Red Hot Chili
Scissor Sisters

Who deserves to win? In a great category, I have to concede that the Killers probably deserve to win. In fact, they definitely do.
Who will win? The Scissor Sisters have one song this year but they're practically ADORED here. The sisters.

International Album

Bob Dylan - "Modern Times"
Gnarls Barkley - "St Elsewhere"
Justin Timberlake - "FutureSex/LoveSounds"
Killers - "Sam’s Town"
Scissor Sisters - "Ta Dah"

Who deserves to win? Um. I haven't heard Dylan's new stuff but I suspect it's nothing revelatory. There's a case for both Gnarls Barkley, and The Killers, but one would think that you're less likely to grow tired of Barkley's smooth tone.

Who will win? I'm actually tempted to go with Gnarls Barkley. We don't have an International Single category, and therefore there's nowhere to honour the brilliant and massive ten-week number one, Crazy. Except as part of an album. Voila.

International Breakthrough Act

Gnarls Barkley

Ray Lamontagne
Wolfmother Island

Who deserves this? Lol.

Who will win? Folk singer Ray Lamontagne has built up a hefty fanbase, but he's no superstar. Gnarls again.
Enjoy the show everybody!

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