Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oscar Updates


Newly updated Oscar predictions are now available to browse at your leisure. Some of the categories haven't changed much and some I had to shake up quite a lot. I'm relatively happy them, although buzz for The White Countess is slowly waning, but whatever, it could easily turn out to be the frontrunner come December. So anyway, here are my frontrunners for each of the eight main categories:
  • Best Picture: The Producers, Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Best Director: James Ivory (The White Countess), Sam Mendes (Jarhead)
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line), Ralph Fiennes (The White Countess)
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role: Judi Dench (Mrs. Henderson Presents), Natasha Richardson (The White Countess)
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead), Matthew Broderick (The Producers)
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Uma Thurman (The Producers), Scarlett Johansson (Match Point)
  • Best Original Screenplay: Match Point (Woody Allen), The White Countess (Kazuo Ishiguro)
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: The Producers, Memoirs of a Geisha

Feel free to offload your views, either by commenting or emailing me. Take care.

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