Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Remnants of 2008

UK release dates may have improved considerably in the last couple of years (aided by BAFTA's wise decision to bring its ceremony forward) but there are still a couple of '08 films that won't hit British screens until well into Spring. These are mainly the indie flicks, including Synechdoche New York, Let the Right One In, Ballast, and Melissa Leo's nominated performance in Frozen River. I managed to catch a couple of those online but I couldn't find much of the others. It's telling that in January last year there were a multitude of 2007 films I needed to see whereas of right now there are only a handful of last year's offerings I'm interested in. It's a combination of earlier distribution and lesser inspiration but whatever, here's the list of films I'd like to see by the beginning of March:-

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Cinema (Feb 6)
Doubt – Cinema (Feb 6)
Rachel Getting Married – Cinema (Feb 6)
Gomorrah – DVD (Feb 9)
The Visitor – DVD (Feb 9)
Bolt – Cinema (Feb 13)
Hunger – DVD (Feb 23)
The Class – Cinema (Feb 27)
Wendy and Lucy – Cinema (Mar 6)
Elegy – DVD (Mar 16)

Ballast – ?
A Christmas Tale – ?
Synecdoche, New York – ?
Trouble the Water – ?
Turn the River – ?

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to see the second set of flicks (bearing in mind I live in the North East of England) please put them forward. Equally, if you feel that anything great is missing from the list and sidebar, let me know.


Dave said...

Both A Christmas Tale (which I luckily caught at the LFF) and Trouble the Water have (apparently) been released. I did see the former in a few limited listings but I've no idea where the latter screened. So it's DVD for those. Whether they have dates yet though I don't know.

I thought Rachel Getting Married was Jan 23rd? In fact, I know it was, because I was pissed it was on back home but I couldn't get there.

Cal said...

Oh. I didn't know it was Jan 23rd. It's listed as of Feb 6th in Newcastle, so they must have got it late. Or I guess they waited til Slumdog etc. was out the way.

It'd be interesting to see how many screens Trouble the Water was on. Less than 5, probably.