Monday, February 02, 2009

Finally Julia and Tilda Swinton Win Something...

The Evening Standard Film Awards took place last night, and as well as giving Tilda recognition for her excellent performance in Eric Zonca's Julia, it also found room to give my other favourite female of 2008, Sally Hawkins, a mention. Ignore the Michael Sheen win and revel.


Dave said...

I noticed this last night. I haven't seen Julia (don't blame me!) but hey, it's Tilda. Was also happy to see Boyle finally miss out (even if Daldry's not much better, I'll take anything).

And you didn't like Michael Sheen?

Cal said...

It was a totally honest set of winners, which is refreshing since we end up listening to the same names recycled over and over again.

Sheen... well I didn't really dislike him but he annoys me. It's partly Peter Morgan, who I don't think has written many genuine characters. Everyone in The Queen for a start.

It's the whole impersonation thing - first Tony Blair and now this. There's no doubt his Frost voice is pretty accurate but I don't think he controls his mannerisms very well in the more poignant, reflective moments and goes a bit OTT. He felt a bit like a narrator sometimes. Langella mostly did, although they used the worst parts of both performances in the trailer.