Monday, December 01, 2008

Off and Running, Soon

It's difficult to believe that the Golden Satellites really represent much in the way of granting and dashing Oscar dreams. Sure it's nice to have your name on a nominees list in November, but the sheer number of categories and nominees within those categories makes the whole thing just a bit of a mish-mash of what we know already.

Here is the nominees list
in full.

A few points...

Josh Brolin is nominated in the comedy/musical category. Are you kidding me? Are there people watching W and seeing it as some kind of satire? It's not kind to the man but seriously wtf (?!). I will be very unhappy if he's put into this category at the Globes.

Kate Winslet nominated in the leading category for The Reader. Do the Satellites just care more about category fraud (Hoffman's supporting nomination for Doubt suggests otherwise) or is it just too big a role to get away with campaigning as secondary? That they prefer this to the Revolutionary Road turn is problematic for the Weinsteins, although it appears that The Reader could be very big this year, couldn't it?

Penelope Cruz nominated in supporting for Elegy. Why? She's supposed to be lead and made much more of an impact among critics in her Vicky turn. I can only think that they like Elegy a lot more. With multiple nominations for The Visitor and Frozen River and lots of little films featured the Satellites have thrown out a few bones.

Did anyone know Cadillac Records was even coming out this year? The film always seemed a bit of a vehicle for Beyonce but it looks like it may have worked. A nomination above Viola Davis? It might be too soon after Hudson's Dreamgirls win but ya never know. Bet Mrs. Jay-Z wishes she hadn't done that remake now.

A double nomination for Mark Ruffalo. Ignore The Brothers Bloom, which looks meh at best. I'll put that down to a combination of Blindness (the film obviously not the condition), a shortage of comedy/musical options, and love for his other nominated performance in What Doesn't Kill You. The trailer looks pretty good but the film is gritty and I'm maybe thinking Rourke's already got that base covered this year.

The Visitor
got so much love, but not for Hiam Abbas, despite a host of performances in lesser-loved small films included in the same category. Weird.

Horton Hears a Who nominated in Original Score. Yeeeeeeeeeeeee-ha! I'm convinced that's what made me cry towards the end of it. That or some kind of matinee hormones floating around. Anyhow it's very deserving.

The top ten is uninspired so I'm not even going to comment further on it. NBR is on Thursday, predictions to come.

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