Friday, December 12, 2008

Globes Reaction

I didn't personally watch the announcement of the golden globe nominations, which occurred at roughly 1.30pm my time (GMT). Instead I opted to travel to Newcastle and see Julia, starring the formidable Tilda Swinton, and The Secret Life of Bees, which meditates (to varying degrees of depth and success) about issues regarding race and family. All in all it was an actors showcase, with Tilda Swinton and Dakota Fanning showing their considerable worth.

succeeds on almost every level, getting bogged down a tad in its latter stages but managing to create a woman/boy relationship with the sentiment of Gloria and Paper Moon before it, but never seeming to make the characters concede any of their individuality. Clever. More on this, maybe. Bees is more problematic, if only because it falls into the trap of believing that large dramatic acts are the only thing that can provoke serious changes in character, and allow hidden information to be revealed and acknowledged. But hey ho... I enjoyed them both.

A word or two on the Globe nominations: Colin Farrell's performance in In Bruges is STILL my favourite male performance of the year (no joke) and so it's lovely to see him in there. I'm sad that they couldn't find room for The Dark Knight, especially as much less interesting-looking films are included there. I've started to really dislike the Golden Globes' way of doing things. Sure, you get an 'Emily Blunt in Devil Wears Prada' in every year, but is it really enough when you have to tolerate Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio being involved because they're in a half-decent December film? I'm not sure.

By the way I got 36/58 nominations correct, which is 62%.

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