Monday, March 03, 2008

Addicts 2007: Poster

So I thought I'd start with a fun category, 'Best Poster'. It's the only non-Oscar category I'll be putting together, except for Ensemble. I think posters are vitally important for films, and the ones this year were generally excellent.

Best Poster

Black Snake Moan

Cleverly displaying Jackson and Ricci's conflict as more through similarity than difference, they are treated like criminals on a wanted poster. A pair of volatile social tearaways. Bonnie and Clyde eat your heart out.

The Brave One

Gorgeously composed, this poster for Jordan's The Brave One re-enforces the turmoil of its tarnished central character with a wonderfully murky stained yellow. It hints at a depth of theme that the film really
struggles to control but totally sold me into seeing it all by itself.


This film is about Ian Curtis, yet as a character he is consigned to an almost tentative position in the poster. Perfect if you've seen Control, which definitely wants to give the impression that Curtis was over-awed and even perplexed with himself and his life choices.


Call this bravado, because Disturbia is a flashy, modern, and attractive film, entirely like its poster suggests. This funky and fresh design is as polished as the latest electronic offering from Sony or Apple, flaunting its market value. Don't you just love it?

I'm Not There

With amazing framing, this poster puts forward its unusual fragmented style, while drawing humour from it. Most of the reasons why I love this film are encompassed here: its unique quirkiness, use of cultural elements, and unabashed rejection of neatness, most deftly represented by its title held up as a placard; a confession that even though you're going to watch a biopic, you won't know its subject back-to-front by the end of it.

Winner: The Brave One
Runner Up: I'm Not There

Sad to exclude: American Gangster, which I thought for certain would make my lineup after I saw the Crowe poster. They've all got style but this one oozes the stuff. Michael Clayton's poster is clever because it blazons its point so simply and yet I don't even seem to mind. The Savages has a poster that's so neat I wish I'd designed it myself.

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