Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Best of British?

It occurred to me when watching the Brit Awards on Thursday how incredibly fucked up the people who vote for these awards must be. In one of the most boring shows in history, not even the performances could stir me from my lulling depression.

And the winners were..

British Male Solo Artist: James Blunt
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - Well deserved, if not my number one choice.

British Female Solo Artist: KT Tunstall
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - Completely the right decision, but I hope Kate gets another chance to win this.

British Group: Kaiser Chiefs
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - Clearly it was their night. Deserved, if a little overappreciative overall.

British Album: Coldplay — X&Y
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - A very meh pick. I like Coldplay as much as the next person but was their album really better than James Blunt's -- not to mention the divine Kate Bush. Strange that the Kaisers didn't win this as well.

British Single: Coldplay — "Speed Of Sound"
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - I don't know how this can win over James Blunt. It's a travesty.

British Breakthrough Act: Arctic Monkeys
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - Excellent decision, and a STFU to Noel Gallagher's flippant remarks, which is usually to criticise every other band that's successful. Here's to zero wins for Oasis this year.

British Urban Act: Lemar
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - Not sure what revelatory (or even solid) work he's done this year. Perhaps the best of a bad bunch.

British Rock Act: Kaiser Chiefs
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - Could have been worse.

British Live Act: Kaiser Chiefs
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - Ditto.

Pop Act: James Blunt
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - As I said. The only true pop act. Westlife are more of a circus act.

International Male Solo Artist: Kanye West
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - I thought this the only possible win. Kanye is good, but much more unoriginal than Mr. Johnson, who given his win, may have had a chance here.

International Female Solo Artist: Madonna
Prediction - Correct
Reaction - YES!

International Group: Green Day
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - Horrific win.

International Album: Green Day — American Idiot
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - Ditto

International Breakthrough Act: Jack Johnson
Prediction - Incorrect
Reaction - What a pleasant surprise. If it were not for their adoration of Green Day and the Kaiser Chiefs, I may actually have thought they had taste.

Outstanding Contribution To Music: Paul Weller
Reaction - Great set. Town Called Malice. Gold.

And so the official stats: 7/15 (44%) . Better luck next year eh?

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