Tuesday, February 21, 2006


BAFTA Winners:

Best film: Brokeback Mountain
Does this change anything? Not a great deal. Crash remains an extreme outsider for a victory, re-enforced by its loss here but success overall.

Best British film: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Best direction: Brokeback Mountain
Does this change anything? No. Ang Lee is a complete lock. Yay!

Best original screenplay: Crash
Does this change anything? Not a lot. Even though Crash is a frontrunner, I'm sure AMPAS owe more to Clooney than BAFTA do.

Best adapted screenplay: Brokeback Mountain
Does this change anything? I'm just stating the obvious now.

Best film not in English: De Battre Mon Coeur S'est Arrete (Beat My Heart Skipped)

Best actress: Reese Witherspoon
Does this change anything? Thankfully, no. Reese Witherspoon has won every award that matters, and will justly be rewarded in two weeks time.

Best actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Does this change anything? Sadly not. Yet another lock.

Best supporting actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
Does this change anything? Hell yes it does! What an interesting category, and proving that perhaps all but William Hurt is very capable of winning this. Although Dillon, and particularly Gyllenhaal are fairly young for this, their films are very strong, and seemingly have little chance of an acting win elsewhere.

Best supporting actress: Thandie Newton
Does this change anything? Not really, since Newton isn't involved at the Oscars. It does make you wonder if this just isn't Michelle Williams' year. Snubbed at the Globe, SAG, and now BAFTA. I love it.

Best music: John Williams for Memoirs of a Geisha

Best production design: Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

Best editing: The Constant Gardener

Best short film: Antonio's Breakfast

Best effects: King Kong

Best cinematography: Memoirs of a Geisha

Best sound: Walk the Line

The Academy fellowship: David Puttnam (yay!)


RC said...

I'm a little sad not to see a little more love for the constant gardner at the BAFTA's...

also I agree...it's not Michelle Williams time to grab an oscar...not at all...

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Cal said...

I never got all this hype about The Constant Gardener. It's a good film yes, but I think it's very flawed.

About Michelle - I think if she was a little older, and she had more screen time she could have been the frontrunner.