Saturday, November 03, 2007

Live-Blogging: Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor

9.40pm: They've both performed again and Hope were much much better this time. Full of personality. So here's the result.... First to answer is Louis. He sends home FutureProof. Good lad. Sharon next. She chooses FutureProof too! I'm pleasantly surprised. Danni to go now. She chooses Hope. I thought she would. She fancies a couple of them. Simon's turn. He sends home the boys. Good call.

9.30pm: OK. It's results time. Louis looks nervous. So does Simon. I'm not sure why.... First through is Alisha. Boooo! Leon is also through. People think he's cute. Beverley as well. Meh. YAYYYYY! Rhydian is through! Of course :-P. Niki as well, which I like, but none of the groups are through so far, which is worrying. Now they are! Same Difference announced as through. Great stuff. Final act through is.... Andy! Ridiculous. FutureProof and Hope are the bottom two. What are the public thinking? I think Simon's loyalties lie with Hope but I think it could be 2-2 with Louis also voting for the girls (he can't help it). They're performing again...

9.15pm: Boyz II Men are about to perform, which I find quite perplexing since they're a) so 90's, and b) not that well-known in this country anyway. This is clearly one of Simon's American imports.

8.17pm: A round-up of my scores:

Rhydian - 9/10
Hope - 8/10
Same Difference - 8/10
FutureProof - 7/10
Niki - 7/10
Beverley - 6/10
Leon - 6/10
Alisha - 5/10
Andy - 4/10

See you for the results show at 9.10pm! XX

8.15pm: Another teary clip about Beverley providing for her family. Talk of dreams. Excuse me while I throw up. She's singing 'Feeling Good'. Tough song. Lots of attitude and the vocals are quite good but I feel like I've seen this a million times before. She isn't special. 6/10. The judges love her. Louis says it's the best performance of the night. I don't know what they're talking about. If that song doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up then it can't be outstanding. Oh well. Que sera sera.

8.05pm: Andy's turn. Boring song that I don't recognise. 'I Need Your Love'? He's wearing white and yet the stage props look gothic. Very odd. His vocals are OK but get drowned out by the backing on the loud parts of the song. I can't help but think he's a total sap. Dull. Dull. Dull. Dull. Dull. 4/10. The judges are sympathetic but criticise him. Simon says he doesn't see him as a recording artist. I agree. Danni is obviously trying to get the teen girl vote, mentioning his abs and now his female fanbase. Lame.

7.55pm: Now it's Hope. I'm sick of everyone crying on the clips. Will they not learn from Emily? They're singing Hanky Panky by Madonna. I haven't heard this in ages! Full of character and attitude. Vocals are decent and they're dressed great. 8/10. Louis says there's a gap for them in the charts, which I agree with, although Girls Aloud are doing enough for several girl bands at the moment. Sharon didn't like the song because she's a monster. Danni liked them but says the vocals aren't the best. Simon wants to invidualise them because they're his act. He's going overboard but they were good.. and original, which is the most important thing.

7.45pm: Alisha is singing Valerie (The Ronson/Winehouse version). She's sassy but the vocals are a bit ragged and flat. I almost feel like she has enunciation problems. I feel like everyone else in the competition could sing it better. She's workin it though for sure. 6/10. Unbelievably the judges love her. I think it could mainly be pity since she's Sharon's last surviving girl. I could see the fight but I thought it was kinda detremental to the whole performance.

7.40pm: Same Difference are singing S Club 7's Reach with a big band. Classic! I can see them entertaining kids in the future. They'd be great on Saturday morning TV. It's vocally sound, and super super fun. Brings me back to my childhood. Cuteness personified. 8/10. Louis says they have a career in panto. Everyone else really likes them. I'd be shocked if they were in the bottom two.

7.25pm: Rhydian does Pink's 'Get the Party Started'. I'd be lying if I said I thought it fully worked, but his vocals have such a searing majesty about them. He can do anything. I love love love love love love LOVE him. The last note is gold. 9/10. Louis didn't like the song. Everyone loved the voice. Sharon is bitter about his success. I don't like her.

7.17pm: Niki does 'All That Jazz'. It's good but there's not enough sex in there for me. Too tame. I like her but she didn't give enough. 7/10. The judges like her except Simon who calls it cabaret. The crowd don't like it, and Niki acts like she doesn't care about his opinion which clearly ticked him off. I think he's partly right. Rhydian next!!

7.11pm: It's the break and I've cracked open a bottle of Magners. It's never too early, let's be honest. It's an ad break on ITV so I'll take this opportunity to post my scores for the dancing in order of Best to Worst. Not really any awful ones this week, but at the same time not much inspiration. Here goes:

Gethin & Camilla - 9/10
Alesha & Matthew - 9/10
Dominic & Lilia - 8/10
Penny & Ian - 8/10
Kate & Anton - 7/10
Kelly & Brendan - 7/10 (disappointing!)
Letitia & Darren - 7/10
Matt & Flavia - 6/10
Kenny & Ola - 6/10
John & Nicole - 6/10

7.10pm: Penny and Ian are last to dance. They are so tall yet have so much grace!! It's the most Hollywood of the night. Didn't love it but very very classy. 8/10. They get 35, second highest of the night, and that's the end of the performances. My favourite was Gethin!

7.05pm: Matt gets good reviews. I don't know his score because FutureProof are up now on X Factor. They're singing'Can't Take My Eyes off of You', but not as well as Heath Ledger!! It's dated, and it's a solo song, but they're suave and sing it well. 7/10

7.00pm: Leon is not great. Very cabaret, and he has little individuality 6/10. Matt Di Angelo is doing the paso. It's a bit too intricate for me. I'm longing for any hip action at all, frankly. 6/10. Leon gets good reviews from the judges. Meh

6.55pm: Leon is up first. Bless him. He's so genuine but I'm not his biggest fan up until now. Kate gets 26 in Strictly. Well done honey.

6.55pm: She actually isn't awful, but I do feel she's the dancing equivalent of Orlando Bloom. Likeable but decidedly wooden in places. Someone needs to cut her a break. 7/10

6.50pm: From now on Strictly will be purple, X Factor will be red. Dominic gets 25 and is pissed off. I'm not surprised. He deserved better. Oh god. Kate Garraway is next. I'm flicking to X Factor.

6.45pm: Dominic and Lilia's paso doble definitely feels latin. I love the music. I feel transported to another country. Really good. 8/10. X Factor is starting.

6.40pm: Alesha gets 36, including a 9 from Craig. She clearly was very surprised. The foxtrots have been way better tonight, so let's hope Dominic and Lilia's paso doble improves on the others.

6.35pm: Kenny gets 21 and could be in trouble, although the kilt will go well with Scotland, which is his probable main fanbase. Alesha and Matthew are on. Alesha looks so pretty. Their foxtrot was elegant and looked faultless to me. 9/10

6.30pm: Gethin also gets 31. Kenny is wearing a kilt for his paso doble. Hot! Got a flash of cheek too. Haha. It wasn't great. 6/10.

6.25pm: Letitia gets 31, which I think is a bit generous. Gethin and Camilla's foxtrot was gorgeous. He has so much charm. 9/10

6.20pm: Letitia and Darren are interesting. I feel like I'm watching a musical. Plenty of drama. I can't say her dancing has particularly improved though. 7/10

6.15pm: John gets 24, including a 4 from Craig which was a bit cruel. Letitia Dean is next.

6.10pm: I like John and he did alright with the foxtrot, but it was very dull and uninspiring. 6/10

6.05pm: Kelly gets 28, which matches my score, even though I felt they were a bit harsh on her. John Barnes is next.

6.00pm: Kelly and Brendan are electric although she seems a little more ragged than usual. More style than substance but I liked it. 7/10

5.55pm: The show starts in a typically wonderful humour. Bruce is on top form :) This is easy until I have to flick over to X Factor at 6.45. Then I'll be frantic.

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