Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finn Fun

For perhaps the first time in Eurovision history my patriotism has been called into question. Earlier this week I slapped £10 on Sweden's entry "The Worrying Kind" to win, partly because I love it, and partly because I can't believe that there's a song that's going to beat it (duh). My heart will of course be with the United Kingdom's absurd hyper-gay anthem, "Flying the Flag For You", but for tonight, I'm an honourary semi-Swede.

So onto the competition. Sweden is my big tip, but a lot of people are raving about Serbia's entry, which resembles some band of pagaent rejects, and since there are loads of states across that way in the competition this year, they could get a leg up. The usual political voting should be rabid as ever, but I'm hoping that the political distance of the UK from most of Europe has grown a little less apparent, otherwise we could be in big trouble again.

Most of the semi-final qualifiers were apparentely very questionable, and a lot of them were from baltic states. Turkey's entry comes from a guy with a big European fanbase. Having said that, in recent memory that isn't always a great sign (Anna Vissi, T.A.T.U). But the favourite this year is the Ukraine, who are led by a drag queen (like that's never happened before.. viva la divaaa). Well it has been nine years.

My Tip - Sweden (Alt: Turkey)
Wild Guess - Five of the top ten end in "ia"
Big Hope - The drag queen keeps it in his pants

Happy eurovision parties everyone!!!

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