Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Euro Fever

Woohoo! With just.......46 days remaining until the final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, I've decided to get into the spirit of the event. As you might have gathered from my enthusiasm last year this is one of the highlights in my calendar. As much as it may be mocked and disliked, Eurovision is one of those institutional events that, even in it's absurdity, is almost regarded as an obligation throughout Europe, and bizarrely still makes a lot of headlines. It's also very gay, which I like (duh). Lol.

Here is the list of Semi-Final Participants with a link to a preview of each song, and here is the order of songs for the Final, with gaps to fill.

That's all for now but I'll leave you something to think about. A picture of one of the semi-final entries, Switzerland's song "Vampires are Alive", by Dj BoBo. Lol. Yes, I know. Crazy.


Kamikaze Camel said...

Dude, DJ Bobo is still alive? Crazy.

I love Eurovision. I liveblogged it last year. I'm not sure I could do that again though. It's crazy hectic. So much sensory excitement!

Cinemaniac said...

Ah Cal, my dear boy, I just discovered you had your very own blog ^_^. I've linked you and I hope you'll do the same. I need shameless plugging like Javi needs our loving. Comments are great too <3.