Monday, May 22, 2006

The Summer Starts Now

It may have poured down for the entire weekend but who the hell cares? We can now officially call it Summer with the start of the seventh series of Big Brother last Thursday.

Excluding series 4, which was a complete bore, historically BB has been gloriously entertaining, with both brilliant and detestable characters in plentiful supply. This year is no different. A brief summary of my thoughts at this early stage:

Age: 27
Very loud and bubbly, which I like, and seems very down to earth. The fact that she smokes like a chimney would get on my nerves, but she's definitely one of my favourites.

Age: 24
Beyond brilliant. He has taurettes which I find really refreshing, and is a rock n' roll singer. Has there been a more inspired contestant? Prospect of a romance between him and Lisa, which would be sensational. Love him.

Age: 26
Entrepreneur. Seems very controlling, and blatantly thinks he can have any woman he pleases. His self-assurance is completely detestable, though he's rather nice to look at.

Age: 24
Went in dressed as a playboy bunny which suggests she's both cheap and shallow. Funny, but a petulant childish princess.

Age: 18
Bless him. He seems so innocent and misguided. Looks like a lost puppy in the house, but I suspect his neutrality will help him last a while. Will need to come out of his shell to become a contender though.

Age: 38
Very strange, and seems to make mountains out of molehills. A thing I really do not like. Doesn't smile. Cold. Why is she in there?

Age: 37
Oh my god, where to start? Incredibly annoying. Represents the gay community shamefully. But a complete psycho, and we need those to make things interesting. Providing he doesn't voluntarily leave he will be there another ten days. We'll see.

Age: 20
Seems pleasant but slightly stuck-up. I've been around many people like her, and I'm not sure why she's been put in, aside from the obvious romantic pairing that happens every year.

Age: 19
Probably the guy that Grace has been put in to court. Posh tory boy who's mingled with Prince Harry and is related to the Duke of something or other. Politically, I despise him. Personally, I'm rather nonplussed so far.

Age: 35
Spent so much on plastic surgery which I don't particularly mind. Seems rather normal - well as normal as can be given the circumstances. She could begin to grate on me though.

Age: 22
Gorgeous. A male chauvinist pig though, and seems content sitting back and observing for the time being. Immediate impression I get is that he's sly and sneaky, probably what they call, in big brother terms, a 'drifter'.

Age: 23
Similar to Mikey. They'd go together well actually.

Age: 33
Seductive gay guy kind of becoming a father role in the house. Likeable and fun but a bit controlling. He's OK.

Age: 19
Well I don't think I've heard her utter a word yet. That'll be all.

Loving it so far though. Long live BB!


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