Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Best Of Bjork

Because I'm bored and love to list things I'll give you my Top 10 Bjork Tracks. It changes by the second but nevertheless:

10. Alarm Call
From the album 'Homogenic'
The title says it all. Beautiful but relentless.

9. It's Oh So Quiet
From the album 'Post'
Proof that genius and madness are closely linked.

8. Immature
From the album 'Homogenic'
A piercing aching of regret.

7. 99 Red Balloons
Single only
Vibrant. Fun. Unique. Everything you look for in a cover.

6. I've Seen It All
From the album 'Selma Songs'
Finely integrates melody with debate.

5. Possibly Maybe
From the album 'Post'
Powerful honesty within subtle composition.

4. Human Behaviour
From the album 'Debut'
Details her frustrations with a gorgeous child-like simplicity.

3. Play Dead
From the album 'Debut'
An energetic release of self-loathing.

2. There's More To Life Than This
From the album 'Debut'
Demonstrative, playful and funky dance track.

1. Bachelorette
From the album 'Homogenic'
Dramatic. Poetic. An almighty crescendo. Perfect.


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Kamikaze Camel said...

oh dear lord, u got spam!

"Immature" was actually one of my least faves from Homogenic. Other than that ur list is filled with classic songs.

Cal said...

I knowwww :( Glenn, tell me how to stop it!

And shame on you for not liking Immature :P But yay fellow Bjork fan.