Wednesday, April 26, 2006

TV Heaven: All Time Top Ten [ #7 - #5 ]

#7 - Bad Girls (1999-Present)
Starring: Jack Ellis, Debra Stephenson, Claire King, Danielle Brent, Helen Fraser, Victoria Alcock, Kika Mirylees, Tracey Wilkinson, Kerry Norton, Kate O’Mara, Alicia Eyo

Set in a prison, Bad Girls is about the dynamic within, and particularly the relationship between the "Screws" and the "Cons". Think of Bad Girls as a boxing ring, where the weak perish and only the toughest survive. You can rest assured that every person who breaches those iron bars will be tested one way or another, in time. Even with its sometimes vile temperament (though not a patch on reality I'm sure), watching these women scheme, lie, and stab each others backs (sometimes literally) is incredibly entertaining. There's nothing better than a catfight, right?

#6 - Shameless
Starring: Ann-Marie Duff, David Threlfall, James McAvoy, Maggie O’Neill, Jody Latham, Gerard Kearns, Dean Lennox Kelly, Maxine Peake, Jack Deam, Rebecca Ryan

The most recent of my choices, and therefore the least amount of episodes I've watched of the entire ten. However, I instantly fell in love with its appeal. Based on a Manchester Council Estate, it follows the trials and tribulations of the Gallagher's, a working class family.

Entitled Shameless, (a perfect title because it sums up the extremes of working class life) the programme uses a mix of drama and comedy to illustrate the dilemnas (not necessarily lesser, but different) that affect different types of people. Led by clever writing, and genius comic timing from a promisingly young cast, Shameless is a riot.

#5 - Murder, She Wrote
Starring: Angela Lansbury, Tom Bosley, Ron Masak, William Windom

Perhaps an odd choice on paper but I don't care. From a very early age I became obsessed with murder mystery - Agatha Christie, Cluedo etc. But from the moment I was first introduced to that catchy melody, my infatuation reached new levels.

I guess what interests me is how an ordinary person can be driven to commit murder, and the intricacy with which the crime is solved. Angela Lansbury really makes the show, giving Jessica Fletcher the personality and presence of a hawk. A delight.

Numbers 4 to 2 coming. Nearly there :)

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