Friday, April 28, 2006

TV Heaven: All Time Top Ten [ #4 - #2 ]

#4 - Big Brother (2000-Present)
Starring: Davina McCall, Marcus Bentley, Helen Adams, Brian Dowling, Nadia Almada, Nicholas Bateman, Jade Goody, Kate Lawler, Shell Jubin, Anthony Hutton

This reality TV show, which began in 2000, puts twelve "everyday" people in a house for two and a half months and lets them live together largely in the way they see fit, which is altogether fairly restlessly in truth. Full of an absurd variety of people, from very different backgrounds, the inhabitants are undoubtedly set up to feud, but no more than theoretically, and things are rarely that simple. Whether it be about food, hygeine, or bad habits, the way in which people "deal" with a situation (or not so in some cases) can be both revealing and gloriously entertaining.
Throughout the years the winners of this show have been a scowse builder, a gay Irishman, a blonde party girl, a 30-Something Virgin, a Portugese transvestite, and a Geordie lad. That tells you something.

What's truly great though about Big Brother is that it divid
es a nation of people. It provides a topic of conversation and area of debate. There are always people you root for, and whoever that may be usually tells you something about the type of person that you are. There may be people saying this is not reality, but if that is indeed the case, then I would ask: what is?

#3 - Absoloutely Fabulous
Starring: Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield, Jane Horrocks

Ridiculing the obsessive world of PR and fashion, writer and Actress Jennifer Saunders created Absoloutely Fabulous when I was just 5 years old. Still, this show appeals to my humour, my interests, it's one-liners a treat, its family dynamic outrageously funny. The programme arrived at a time where much of its satirical subject begins, and materialism that is denounced even today, evident in things such as Pink's 'Stupid Girls' video.

The insensitivity of the characters and constant desire to be at the height of social status is consistently hilarious, with actions that exaggerate these tendencies. The show has characters that are played to perfection by its stars to the extent where I can barely choose between Saunders' Edina, Lumley's Patsy, Sawalha's Saffy, or Horrock's unique Bubble. There will always be a place in my heart for this programme, and its unrelenting assault on modern culture.

#2 - Friends
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer

What more do I need to say? Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Throughout the ten series of this brilliant show, the jokes are always of a considerably high standard, the actors have great chemistry, the stories are as inspired, and it continues to flourish as one of the most iconic shows to have ever graced a small screen.

Possibly the most believable element in Friends is the bond between the six, and how comfortable they are around each other. It is a credit to this incredible ensemble that it feels continually natural despite being frequently wacky. The writers also deserve tremendous credit for creating characters that are humanly flawed, and that are explored to the depth that they are. In the final episode, I felt like it was the end of an era. There was a tear in my eye. Honest.

Number 1 Coming Soon. Any Ideas? =)


Erik said...

Just found your blog...I love TV so I thought I'd make a couple suggestions for the #1 slot, if you haven't already chosen one...
Twin Peaks
My So-Called Life

Oh, and that Marie Antoinette preview is awesome.

Cal said...

I haven't seen much of Twin Peaks or My So-Called Life sadly. I'd already decided the Number 1 comfortably. I'll post it soon :)

I know! The MA trailer is sublime. I can't get over how stylish and retro it is. I love it.