Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I think it's about time that I profess my new-found adoration of the super talented Vera Farmiga . By the way -- don't you just love the colour of her eyes? A stunning bluish teal.

Thirty-two year old Vera was relatively unknown until last year's LAFCA win for
Down to the Bone, a film in which she plays a young mother caught in her cocaine drug addiction. Although the film lacks sufficient effect and fees distinctly underdeveloped, Farmiga's portrayal is very believeable, and represents the film's entire appeal.

Moving onto this year, my first movie of 2006 was Running Scared, a painfully awful film led by the woeful leading performance from Paul Walker -- thank god he has something else going for him besides acting eh? As you may have guessed, the film is saved by Vera's sheer brilliance, even in the most hideously written scene regarding paedofilia, she manages to make it mildly believable.

With my 2006 Oscar Predictions coming up, there is plenty to look forward to regarding this promising lady. A sufficient role in Scorsese's new one, The Departed at the top of that list. She also stars in Anthony Minghella's new film too, alongside Jude. As a late starter, so to speak, her early success will hopefully only continue.

Good luck Vera.

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