Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trailer Round-Up: Devil's Double, Immortals, What's Your Number

April has been a fairly slow month on the blog, but a handful of trailers caught my eye this week. Here's a few notes on each one.

The Devil's Double
Directed by Lee Tamahori
Release Date: 29/07/2011 (USA)

If you too winced at the thought of clean-cut Dominic Cooper taking on the role of Saddam Hussein's psychotic son, I hope you're backtracking as much as I am. As well as showcasing his performance as a greasier version of Jeremy Irons in "Dead Ringers" it also looks like quite a blast. And the comedy in the trailer doesn't feel so token as to distract from the main identity battle going on inside the mind of Hussein's body double. Perhaps the only drawback is that Tony Scott's "Domino" looked like similar kind of fun.

Directed by Tarsem Singh
Release Date: 11/11/2011 (UK, USA)

Let me firstly breathe a huge sigh of disappointment that the immensely-talented Tarsem Singh has chosen to make a film about Greek Gods, but I will applaude him for the triple-threat casting of dishiness in Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz, and Stephen Dorff. I'm not quite sure what Mickey Rourke is doing in this trailer (I can't see past that bonkers head-gear), and Freida Pinto piping in with the words: "To whose who much is given, much is oft" hardly amps up the level of intellect. What with "Thor," "Clash of the Titans," and "Centurion" already proving that loin clothes are back in vogue, "Immortals" feels distinctly like flogging a dead horse.

What's Your Number?
Directed by Mark Mylod
Release Date: 30/09/2011 (USA); 04/01/2012 (UK)

"Anna Faris, horrified to learn that 96% of women who have slept with over twenty guys have difficulty finding a husband, sets out to see if any of her exes were actually the right one after all."
When I read this synopsis back in February, I was stoked. Faris has such a way with comedy, and the conceit (while silly) is pretty interesting for a rom-com. A glance at the trailer doesn't disspell hopes entirely, but its forays into stupidity (Borat, Gynaecologists) make me think this isn't going to be this year's smart little gem. I'd also be very surprised if Faris were not to end up with her womanising neighbour (Chris Evans) since a) both of them are smoking hot, and b) no other legitimate suitor was featured in the trailer. Sadly, it looks very standard.

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Runs Like A Gay said...

The trailer for The Immortals is really quite fascinating, let's be honest the only reason to see a Tarsem movie is for the design and yet this seems to be reliant on CGI. I really don't know how the film will turn out.

That said the Greek Gods/swords and sandals movies are usually worth a look, I just hope the final product feels more like the 70's Clash of the Titans than the remake.