Friday, March 11, 2011

Carter, By the River

In the heart of Newcastle lies a cinema I definitely do not mention enough. The Tyneside Cinema, built in 1937, is nearing three-quarters of a century in existence, and remains the biggest haven for showcasing independent film that I've had the pleasure of visiting. The availability of this brand of cinema remains relatively sparse in the North of England, and so it's great to be blessed with such a burgeoning institution almost on your doorstep.

Mike Hodges' "Get Carter" is a film I have sketchy memories on, but for a rather heavy-going scene involving a film projector, and the subsequent, famous finale. British revenge thrillers (and Michael Caine) have since gone downhill (has there ever been a sillier attempt to peddle right-wing politics than "Harry Brown"?), but the upcoming 40-year anniversary of "Carter" -- a  week tomorrow if you're pernickety -- has brought about an opportunity to revisit the film, and the work of Hodges in general. Enter the Tyneside, who have set up a season of screenings to indulge the appetite.

Screening Calendar:

Saturday 12th March: 1.30pm

Saturday 12th March: 4.00pm

Saturday 12th March: 6.00pm

"Get Carter"
Sunday 13th March: 10.00am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm

"The Terminal Man"
Sunday 13th March: 1.30pm

"Flash Gordon"
Monday 14th March: 6.00pm

Tuesday 15th March: 6.00pm

"Black Rainbow"
Thursday 17th March: 6.00pm

If you're in the region, or planning to visit it soon, then head down there and check out one of the greatest places to watch film.

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