Saturday, September 11, 2010

Venice Film Festival 2010: Prize Winners

In the last few minutes, Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere" unanimously won the Golden Lion for Best Picture at Venice. I'm fairly surprised that it stuck out enough to warrant the big award, but there we go. Ariane Labed's Best Actress win for "Attenberg" is also a little out of the blue, given the vast amount of competition. Still, it's good when things aren't so predictable.

The full list of winners is as follows:

Golden Lion: "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola
Silver Lion: Álex de la Iglesia for "A Sad Trumpet Ballad"
Special Jury Prize: "Essential Killing" by Jerzy Skolimowsi
Volpi Cup - Best Actor: Vincent Gallo for "Essential Killing"
Volpi Cup - Best Actress: Ariane Labed for "Attenberg"
Screenplay: "A Sad Trumpet Ballad" by Álex de la Iglesia


The Mad Hatter said...

I was this close to writing Coppola off as an auteur after the shit-show that was MARIE ANTOINETTE...but I suppose I'm not quite done with her yet. Here's hoping SOMEWHERE is worth all the buzz.

(PS - Just noticed the linkage in your sidebar to my site. many thanks for that! I'll try to reciprocate soon)

Cal said...


No worries. I came across your blog one day and enjoyed reading it, so I decided to add you to my blogger list.

I actually really appreciate Marie Antoinette, and completely get where she's coming from with it. I think that Somewhere is her worst film, but that it still has some value from a fiscally-cultural perspective.

She's definitely an "auteur", however loose or indefinite that term may be nowadays.