Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grace the Ice

I don't know how many die-hard figure skating fans there are out there, but the arrival of the World Championships (taking place in the next couple of days) has brought back memories of when I fell in love with the sport.

It was six years ago, towards the end of a weary week in March of 2003, when I'd been struck down by one of the many illnesses I managed to contract in my teens (yes, I was one of those kids). I had an ear infection and was thoroughly miserable, holed up in the lounge watching crappy daytime TV. Had it not been for my predicament on that rainy afternoon in March I surely wouldn't have turned on British Eurosport and watched the entirety of the women's short programme.

Ice skating is thoroughly phenomenal. The fact that most of the competitors in a World Championship fall at least once during their routine emphasises how incredibly difficult the profession is, and so I've got total admiration for anyone connected with the sport. It also consists of colourful dresses, sequins, classical music, and judging, and so is alright by me. I try to keep in touch with the major events, like the Olympics etc. but it isn't always so easy. Nevertheless, this week's action has rekindled some of the fonder memories, and particularly one of the reasons I love the sport: Michelle Kwan's stunning, gold medal-winning Short Programme from the 2003 event. Enjoy!


Dave said...

My mom lives for this, so I'm sure she'll have it on at the weekend when I'm at home. I do enjoy it but not quite as obsessively as she does!

I have no idea what year it was (*looks it up* the 2003 Worlds, oddly enough!) but Michelle Kwan did a gala skate to Eva Cassidy's 'Fields of Gold' and even though I'd heard the song before, that performance really made it one of my favourite songs ever.

It's a shame I can't skate. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

Cal said...

I think I remember that performance. I'm not so mad on Fields of Gold (probably since it's totally overplayed and overdone) but I can understand how, when expressed well, it can give you a whole different perception.

I can hardly skate. We went on a school trip to France, which is my only experience on the ice. I remember being better than some but still verrrry dodgy, and no way would I consider jumping. They're lunatics! I was watching yesterday and this girl got catapulted through the air and smacked her chin off the ground. Ouch!

Oh. O/T. I saw that you gave Dangerous a D-. I didn't quite go that harsh but it really is such a confused film. It reminded me a bit of Butterfield 8, which managed to get Actress. I think it kinda proves that the Academy never cared about their female roles being genuine... just tragic.

Dave said...

*ignores your criticism of 'Fields of Gold'*

I couldn't even stand up (we skated in Central Park!). I got to the other side by clinging to someone as if my life depended on and had to wait for her to come back to get back across. It would've been hilarious to watch.

I haven't seen Butterfield 8 (it's always on TCM but before 9pm so I know it's cut so I don't watch it), but Dangerous was just dreadful. I loathed it. I won't start ranting.

(Can't watch Dodsworth as you probably know that account was suspended. Boo!)

Cal said...

I know it was. I blame myself for jinxing it!

But it's cool.. others will express their love and make everything better again.

Get Butterfield 8 over with soon. I'd never want you lumbered with a Simone Signoret or something equally as detestable.