Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of Year Lists [Albums]

**Excludes compilations, soundtracks, and greatest hits albums**

1. Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not"
An honest assessment of British society. A riotous and infectious explosion.
"Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from '1984'"

2. Morrissey - "Ringleader of the Tormentors"
A well-rounded and beautifully assured album from the great man.
"There are explosive kegs between my legs"

3. Lily Allen - "Alright, Still"
Filled with oodles of colour and character, and an indelible fun factor.
"A man lookin' dapper and he's sittin' with a slapper, then I see it's a pimp and his crack whore"

4. Amy Winehouse - "Back to Black"
Jazz at its most mellow freshest.
"Sweet reunion, Jamaica and Spain, we're like how we were again"

5. Shakira - "Oral Fixation Vol. 2"
Like name, like nature. Sung with an aching eagerness to stimulate.
"So don't bother, I won't die, of deception"

6. Scissor Sisters - "Ta-Dah"
A wacky, expressive paradise of inspired concoctions.
"You'd think that I could muster up a little soft shoe, gentle sway"

7. Thom Yorke - "The Eraser"
Gorgeous. A precise and patient oddity of feeling.
"I am only being nice because I want someone, something"

8. Pink - "I'm Not Dead"
A passionate and edgy assault on a difficult past.
"If someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them up, cause they're all wrong"

9. Rihanna - "A Girl Like Me"
Finest R n' B album of the year. Overflowing with vibe.
"I can't take it, see it don't feel right"

10. Beyonce - "B'Day"
A gutsy, gung-ho performance that's almost always occupying.
"She gon' be rockin' chinchilla coats if I let you go"

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Emma said...

I like B'Day too. :)